Excuse me, Brad Pitt Provided Angelina Jolie JUST WHAT regarding Romantic days celebration?

really well executed publicity rumor from this product "Eat Whatever," Brad got Angie breath fresheners.Breath.Fresheners.Because apparently, it's a "joke" and he always teases her that she has bad breath.Hilaaaarious.Luckily, Angelina seems a lot more badass than m.

erson, opting for the quick shower and go instead so it’s a special occasion for me when I slip in to the warm waters.


Lets take a moment to study Uma in more detail whilst my bath runs.

A two hour charge will give you up to two hours of masturbatory satisfaction.he is fully submergable so no need to worry about water ingress and potential damage.as easy to operate + and – controls and a frequency button between.s not only powerful but is also reasonably quiet.ffers seven levels of vibration and seven frequencies so plenty of ways to pleasure yourself.as a stylish ergonomic shape which fits a woman’s contours perfectly or even a man if you wish to play together. Simply slip the tip over your man’s perineum and watch the smile appear.

I stem the water flow as it reaches the half way mark, don’t want too much water in there in case I should thrash around. ? A quick squirt of anti bac soap and a dip in to the waters soon cleanses Uma and she is ready for action and so am I.

The fragrant perfume in the air and the warm glow of the candle entice me in to the warm waters. First I test the heat with my fingers and then disrobe, letting the satin wrap fall to the floor. My feet tingle as the warmth of the water takes hold.

As I sink below the water I wish I had some music but there was no way I was getting out of the bath and Alex wouldn’t hear me if I called because he was busy at his computer. Oh well, I will just have to manage. Lol

I was feeling totally relaxed as I pressed the + button several times until it reached the speed I knew was going to be good for me. A word of warning, th.

lly? So youre a woman, telling another women what she must do.Youre going to pressurise and force me to agree with your viewpoints and act in the exact same manner you do, otherwise you will loudly state I am wrong.So in fact, the very same behaviour and attitudes you claim to be fighting against, mostly from men.Think about it.

I believe that being a strong woman is not sitting at home munching chocolate bars, drinking pints of sparkly wine and ranting about the fact that men are entirely shit, the world needs to change and they should be adored and respected.If you believe in the so-called Feminist principles, what are you actually doing about it.Are you going out of your way to change commonly held beliefs or are you just verbally slaying anyone who doesnt agree with you?


I dont take crap from anyone (male or female), I believe in the differences between the genders being a strength for each, I believe in respecting people men or women and I also believe that it will take a lot more than a hairy legged brigade of big mouthed bitter girls to change the world.Unfortunate, but true.

Thats why Im not a Feminist.The Feminists that the movement has created.The monster of hypocrisy and disrespect.A misandrist paradox.

I am me, dont like me thats fine.You dont have to.I wont force you.

Also Stone Celebrities Acquire Stressed About Females, as well as other Instruction Coming from Fresh Courting Present All set regarding Really like (Premiering Down the road Night time!)

Bachelor fans, look alive: Youve got to catch the premiere of NBCs Ready for Love tomorrow night.The twist for this dating show? For one, its produced by the lovely and talented Eva Longoria.For two, it features three eligible bachelors and 12 women for each of them to d.

I usually have the sexual adult sex toys I have when I’m well.Why that is I just don’t know, I guess a high sex drive could be at the root of it.Lol

By about the fourth day of feeling the grip of my virus I was sitting at my PC trying to become inspired to write and failing despite numerous attempts.At which point I thought it would probably be good for me to take a break.

I slipped in to the bedroom, drew the curtains after pulling the windows too and slipped out of my attire.Casting my jeans and sweatshirt to the floor, swiftly followed by my panties, I slipped between the sheets with a bit of a shiver.The virus was making me feverish and drift between cold and hot.It was almost making me feel delirious, a kind of viral high if you like.

In my daze I had forgotten to grab the remote for the video off Alex’s drawers, I slid across the bed to retrieve it and pressed the sex life.I pressed the remote for the television to switch to DVD player and waited for the disk to fire up.Luckily my favourite was already in there from a couple of nights before and I selected the MFM scene I liked.

Opening my draw I rummage between my panties to find the Akmeo vibrator and place it under the covers between my legs to warm up.It made me briefly shiver as I placed the cool silicone shaft between my overheating thighs.It soon takes on my heat.

The Sin Five Akmeo vibe feels nice to hold, not too heavy and cumbersome and the controls are easily located without the need to look.They are positioned on the base of the shaft and the + – can be felt with the fingers.I decided to play a little first,.


x Play Warming sex lubricant 50mlDurex Play Sweet Strawberry flavoured sex lubricant 50mlDurex Play Pina Colada?flavoured sex lubricant 50mlDurex Play Passion Fruit flavoured sex lubricant 50mlDurex Play Vibrations vibrating couples cock ringDurex Play Pleasure Touch Vibrations finger tip vibratorDurex Play Delight Vibrating Bullet vibratorDurex Play Little Devil Vibrating Cock Ring

The total price of this bundle if bought separately would come to approximately £100 even without the poster and promotional goody bag.Thats an amazing £100 worth of sexy goodies you could win just by anal toys this competition!

How do you enter?

FIRST tweet the following:

I want to win £100 of free sex toys, condoms & lube from @TheCaraSutra & Durex here?http://wp.e/p2ofcb-2rb

THEN comment on this forum post that youve entered so I know exactly who is in the running!


nb.If youre not on Twitter just commenting on this forum post will suffice.

Who can enter & when does the competition end?

Competition ends Friday June 7th 9pm, winner selected Saturday 8th June.

Competition open internationally! Yes this is open to international readers, so whether youre in the UK, USA, Australia or elsewhere, you can enter.

Good luck everyone and get Sexercising!

Provides This kind of Unusual (inside an effective way) Factor At any time Took place to be able to Someone else over a Time?!?

that was? But never as part of a couple! (BTW, not that Im actually in a couple.It was only one dinner! But for purposes of just that evening, I mean.

I dont know whether they were celebrating something and feeling generous, or if they were playing the old Guess wha.

or the vibrator and rabbit.imply hold the integral buttons in to increase the speed of both the rabbit vibrator and clitoral stimulator for ease of use.ffers quick termination of vibration should you need to simply by pressing the controls once.its all shapes with its flexible rabbit vibrator to ensure comfort of fit and use.s fully waterproof for some wet and wild play.ffers powerful but quiet vibrations to thrill and please.

So how does she perform in action?? Why female I hear you ask?? Well with those curves it just has to be a girl.

Night had fallen so I pulled the curtains too and turned on my bedside light. The central heating was doing a good job and the room felt warm and snug so I dispensed with the duvet. Opting to lay on top of it once I had removed my jeans and panties.


I picked up the Swan Silhouette and studied it for a moment. It felt nice to hold with its compact shape and silky soft finish. I reached inside my bedside draw for my water based lube wondering it the bulbous head would slip inside me without love ubricant. But it was there on my bedside table should it be required.

Placing the soles of my feet together I pressed my knees back in to the mattress aiding entry in to my pussy. My vibe was now at body temperature having been caressed for a while which felt good as it touched my outer labia.

Once between them I could feel the heat of my sex and the moisture and decided to go in unaided and see what happened.

I felt myself stretch as the bulbous head entered my vagina and it felt good. As I pushed the base of the vibrator I felt the tip graze against my a.


a sparkly blood red I love them!

The pregnancy is progressing well, 6 months now, 26 weeks on Monday.I can sometimes see the kicks from the outside now! Due 22 October and home birth all looks like a go, so will have to coat a room in dust sheets, old towels, sheets underlaid by PVC sheets or something ~laughs~ Also will be getting a birthing pool, just in case.I didnt fancy the water last time and I dont think I will this time either but want to be prepared.Speaking of which, I need to get my birth plan sorted

My bedroom area will be black and purple I have decided, with a modern chrome/stone bathroom.Its very hotel room-like.Appealing to my hotel fetish there! I have the plans down for the extra furniture and furnishings I need, it will just take ?it of time to get them all and get it finished.

I definitely want one of those pop-art, silhouette style black Audrey Hepburn on canvas style prints, very iconic best sex toys And find her very inspiring too.

Hair appointment all booked for Thursday afternoon, a big change happening.Yes, you will get pictures! Well that is, if they dont butcher it getting not only a cut but a colour

I think those are the main updates more to follow when I have time/energy!

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